NXNE 2011

Jer Tompkins

Heather Kelly


Audio Blood Showcase @ The Bellevue

Andrew Seale

Dave Lock

Megan Bonnell

Michael Small

Brian O'Reilly

Library Voices

Library Voices


Brandon Scott

Jeffrey Innes

Eric Wichman (and Megan)

Mike Juneau

Kate Millet

Slapback BBQ @ Analogue Gallery

lovers & other strangers


Darren Tarbat

Lola & Kate

Maximillian Mazzuca/BBQ Master

Fabulous life of patio drinkers

Allie Hughes #popupnxne interview

Allie Hughes #popupnxne interview

Allie Hughes #popupnxne interview

Kay & Allie

Circle of life - Live in Bellwoods, Juneau, Whale Tooth, TPC, my future career (far right)


#ABDOESNXNE - Aaron Harvey

Rob Janson - SVC

Jeff Pinto

Bobbu Kweebly

Stephen Neville

Anthony Menecola

Freeloaders, love it.

Matt Meyer

Jacquie Neville

Sari Delmar's bitchin' rooftop

Matt Meyer sans drums

Declan & Sari

Hands & Teeth #popupnxne

Nathalia Pizzaro

Nathalia Pizzaro

Max & Akira

Heather Kelly & Yours Truly

Dirty Beaches - friggin dig

The Balconies #popupnxne

The Balconies #popupnxne

Stevie Nicks

Alex Cairncross

Indian handcrafts #popupnxne

Killing it

Chains of Love #popupnxne

Chains of Love #popupnxne

Kensington music love

I'm so happy this is my front yard - Bobby Kimberley & Live in Bellwoods just crushing it.

Loom #popupnxne

Loom #popupnxne

<img class=”size-full wp-image-702″ title=”we





Chad Vangaalen

Best seats in the house


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  1. Wow nice photos!

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