Full Photo Set: Tall Tree Music Festival 2011

Breakfast of Champions

First morning wake-up on Brown's Mountain. The View > My Hangover

Mel & Cait working hard.

I carried Stumpy all the way up that damn mountain - not to be confused with Stump the dog -

Scottie and his amazing record lanterns for the pop-up saloon overlooking the ocean.

Steven in his home away from home/ leather workshop.

The most gorgeous shoes I've ever seen.

Cleaning up ciggy butts and empties.

Birds of a feather.

One Epic Reunion.

Lindsay Hunter, you are just hilarious.

Sam & Laur

I could have used that warning sign in so many other scenarios.

The best bar in town thanks to carpenters Evan & Ryan




Getting our feather headbands from Steven

Victoria's Ska Fest Van, which is going on this weekend.

Stefania's amazing Nori Wrap spread

Carrot, Watercress, Tahini, Sprouts, Parsley - tastes a lot better than it sounds, veggie haters.

Safety first Angie


Steve's evening jacket.

Radio Contact

Ricky & Scottie manning the bar.

Watermelon head was kind of a dick.

Max Power, only briefly spotted in the helicopter above Tall Tree, then back into his shroud of mystery.

I'd yell "wrong way bud!" but he's just so darn happy.



such a babe!

Incher! Whatareyadoinhere!?

Vodka in the mouth = good, vodka in the eye = not good.




What is it? A unicorn? A pegasus?

That's MR Camel Toe...


Homeward bound. Sneezing dirt for days.


All photos © Courtney Lee Photography 2011

Original Article via Pink Mafia


  1. Yo Courtney, Loved seeing your experience threw your glass eye in blinking Tall Tree snap memory shots. I absolutely enjoyed our encounter, You got dope vibes and all your friends are amazing. What an amazing festival, Wow, SO much to enjoy. You captured some key moments and feels for the festival. Stoked to link up and talk more, Excited for you and your journey linking the lost loops back together. What a nice thing to witness. You are Gravy Lady. Keep living and standing in that big power of a personality you be kicking with. Hugs to you and wishes of wellness to all your lovely friends, Had a blast, Take care

    1. Steven! You are absolutely fantastic yourself. SO great to meet you. The talent in your leather craft is beyond amazing. Tall Tree would not have been the same without you. Please keep in touch and if you’re ever in Ontario, you know who to call!

  2. Cheers All, what an experience all around Tall Tree was. The views, the music and most of all the incredible people involved will always hold that weekend forever in my heart. Your pictures and words captured so much, thank you. The energy that was felt up on Browns Mountain was unlike any experience I have ever felt, meditative and not in me life. I am so thankful to have made the trip to Port Renfrew, what an unbelievable area and I can’t wait for Tall Tree 2012. Thank you for all the smiles and keep on spreading the PEACE&LOVE

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