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juno mania extras!

This past Juno weekend was certainly an incredible experience for Katherine and I. We not only had the chance to see some incredible acts during JunoFest, but we also had a behind the scenes look into how the big-time journalists and photographers spend their weekends. A humbling and amazing moment for us to say the […]


sorry this took me forever to finish! cmf, officially, put to bed. xo, court.   c  

vendredi et samedi



mercredi: semaine de musique canadienne.

elise of whale tooth.

Canadian Music Fest this year has been by far one of the highlights of my career so far. I will have a post up soon with leftover photos that didn’t end up on PinkMafia but for now, I leave with you a girl that every photographer loves to shoot. Elise LeGrow of Whale Tooth who […]

CMF Preview 2011!

Canadian Music Fest through the eyeballs of a Pink Mafia Writer + Photographer If there’s one thing I hate above all facebook applications, it’s the “where are you now?” feature. Not only do we share everything about our personal and professional lives, but we literally have to mark on a map showing all of our […]


  Last Saturday night was definitely a rollercoaster ride. Here you have the final installment of the Horsehoe’s presentation of the Juno Decades (2000’s) with a roster that included some of the best of kind-of-current Canadian talent. I started the night off with a beer in my living room, hesitant to leave the comfort of […]

for us and you and them.

… so that your mind can manage your home. you don’t want a bloody fight, where you rest your head and dream of afar.

my first memory of 2011

The following is an excerpt from my journal on the date of: January 1st, 2011 “I have this vague memory of my uncle’s wedding years ago. All i remember wanting more than anything was to catch that bouquet. It’s what every energy in my little body strove for the entire day. I was probably around […]