Considering my last update was in early September, I have to admit I am a little embarrassed. I haven’t updated much recently, but it’s for a good reason! Shortly, a brand new website designed by none other than Anthony Menecola will be coming to an eyeball near you. Menecola’s work is known around the city for being […]

Recently I’ve been seeing a lot of Camille Byrne, the creative force behind Cambie Design. Ever since taking her headshots last year, and too many scotch on the rocks to count (helps that mutual girlfriend is Kate Masewich – aka the Duchess of Written Word) … we’ve developed both a wonderful professional and personal relationship. […]

This year for NXNE, Kate Masewich and I focused on a new segment we called Backseat Driving. Just because we took portraits & interviews with some pretty awesome newcomers in music, it doesn’t mean we forgot about our old pals. Oh yeah, and let’s just forget that it took me three months to upload these, […]

When Gabrielle asked me to shoot her again, this time accompanied by Corinna Rose, for their autumn tour poster, I couldn’t have been more excited. The natural beauty & quirky personalities of both of these women translates so effortlessly from their music, into their style, making my job that much easier. The only hitch this […]

A couple weeks ago, brother and sister duo The Howlings met me for an electric afternoon in the Bloor West village. I present, Max & Aimée Mazzuca!  These photos are the property of Courtney Lee Photography © 2012 & affiliates and are not to be used without permission.

There comes a time when you realize that vacation isn’t just an all-inclusive in Cuba, or time-off your day job… it’s so much more than that. Escaping the everyday can happen more often if you make it a priority to make time for yourself. It’s important to sit back and look at your life from […]

With the new video just out, I thought this would be a great time to share some of the stills I was invited to take by Modernboys Moderngirls. I could never quite tell when my intrigue, fear, or collapsing-on-the-floor in laughter took precedence over the other emotion. With those feelings running at high speed, I […]

sometimes, the distractions we face in life are too great of a force to quiet, and yet other times, an abundance of solitude can be a terrible stunt to creativity. what then are we to do when the duty of everyday calls us to work, the cries of our families calls us to aid, and […]

  Danielle Arnold is a damn good photographer, knows how to cook a mean vegetarian meal (take it from a carnivore), could decorate a prison cell to look like the cover of style at home magazine, and is always in impeccable fashion. Oh right, and she isn’t bad to look at either. xo. Danielle’s work […]

I had the pleasure of meeting and capturing the amazing Gabrielle Papillon just a few days before I came out to Vancouver. Not even a few weeks later, we even got the chance to meet here as her tour brought her west! I hope that in the future, the next time I see her will […]