Monthly Archives: March 2010

ruffian ’round the edges.

Born Ruffians @ The Pheonix, Sunday night of CMW maybe it was the tween jungle in the pit, maybe its because i could only afford one beer, maybe its because it was the last night of cmw… but i’ve had better…

CMW Thursday Night: AudioBlood Showcase, RJD2 & Breakscience

*Before I continue I should note that the reason I got most of these photos is for working with PinkMafia but considering they needed to trim it down, i decided to throw up my own… director’s cut, let’s call it* RJD2 & Breakscience at Mod Club Drummer Genius Adam Deitch Breakscience Key-J Borahm Lee Opening […]

cmw = crazy muthaf*kin weekend.

oh i wish i wish i was a rich bitch. seriously, if i had unlimited funds not only would i travel forever, but i could see all the live music i want and drink all the labatt 50 (ok maybe i’d move up to creemore) i wanted, without having to cater to those very women […]