Monthly Archives: February 2010

the real velvet underground of toronto.

i don’t even want to type anything i’m so beat. balconies, by divine right, gentleman reg. enjoy. hope you enjoyed. and i hope i’ll have better energy next time.

diaries, delivered.

just in time for valentine’s day!!! so, i wasn’t kidding about the funny diary entries i had found recently from my past. (refer to end of last post below) i have kept a journal every year of my life since i could basically write, and most of them are scattered in boxes between my apartment […]


so i try not to make my updates too personal, because at the end of the day who wants to read my diary entries, right? but i recently landed a new job as a personal swimwear fitter for Melmira Bra and Swim and i have to show you some of these maillots! i’m in the […]