diaries, delivered.

just in time for valentine’s day!!!

so, i wasn’t kidding about the funny diary entries i had found recently from my past. (refer to end of last post below)

i have kept a journal every year of my life since i could basically write, and most of them are scattered in boxes between my apartment here and my soon to be sold home back in markham.

this leaves me presently with two things: 1 – an awesome retelling of both the mundane and exciting moments of my past, and 2 –  awfully unforgiving proof that i was a lovesick, constantly crushing, and over-the-top cheesy teenage girl. while other people were losing their virginity and discovering the joys of booze and pot, i was writing about fantasy novels and B-list actors i adored.

for example:


Heya diary, or whoever,

This Saturday I will be seeing “A KNIGHT’S TALE” starring Heath Ledger! (exclamation point complete with heart shaped dot) I ❤ him! He’s like the best actor EVER. And best of all, he’s AUSTRALIAN! OOH! Accent galore. Such a cute smile too. I wish I met him on like, “celebrity blind date,” That’d be wicked mate!


(hearts are doodled all over the page with “IT’S ALMOST VALENTINE’S DAY!” scrawled across the top)

Ok, so I know I’m probably getting my hopes up but I keep seeing pics of Elijah (yes, Wood of hobbit fame) and his fans. Will I ever be one of them? I better keep dreamin’ I know something good’s gonna happen, I can feel it! A life without a dream can be a nightmare, as I always say!

i wish i could say i was this old when i wrote these entries. but no, i was close to sixteen years old. wow. i’ll leave you all with this one, and i’ll find some even better ones for next time.


Oh my gosh! I can’t believe what I did today! I told my friends that I liked… well you know… __________. I’m regretting it soooooo much because it’s my new theory that once you have a crush on someone, don’t tell anyone unless you’re positive cause then things leak out or it loses the mysteriousness and it goes from giggling and butterflies to throwing up from embarassment. Oh well, I’m sure I won’t like him too long. It looks like he’s only interested in niners anyways!

(I love how even now I had to blank out the name. Guess some things never change)

Later Days and sealed with a kiss!

xoxox Courtney.


  1. Sven Nevleski · · Reply

    what an awesome blog! Everyone should stay tuned for more! I know I will 🙂

  2. HAHAhAH!

    That’s awesome!

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