Monthly Archives: January 2010

james murphy you funny motherfucker.

so if you didn’t know already, LCD Soundsystem is recording a new album and here is a sneak peek of how the process is going. there’s also tons of buzz regarding their upcoming tour which will thankfully be hitting Coachella this year. murphy makes me laugh uncontrollably, and i really don’t know why. maybe it’s […]


ohhh man. so the lineup for coachella is blowing me away right now. just – just take a quick look. i had the amazing opportunity to go to the festival a couple years back where i feasted on Rage, Bjork, Kings of Leon, Red Hot Chili Peppers, DJ Shadow, Silversun Pickups, Brazilian Girls, The Roots, […]

lords of dogtown meets julie taymor?

okay, maybe that’s a false advertisement, because Taymor (of Across the Universe and Frida fame) didn’t direct this… actually, Canadian up and comers Corey Adams and Alex Craig are responsible for this visual feast of grind, asphalt and yeah, cake. with rave reviews from Toronto and Whistler’s ’09 film fests, Machotaildrop, has been called the […]


Sunday night was just going to be straight up raspberries, chocolate and bad episodes of Jersey Shore, but a phone call from a friend and realizing that more beer would be the only cure for our hangovers, my friend Lola and I soon found ourselves at the Comedy Bar on Bloor for Sunday Night Live‘s […]

the best job ever.

tomorrow night. 10 pm. mtv. a show you won’t regret watching. the buried life premieres monday night, a show about four guys who take on their bucket lists. i’ll let the preview speak for itself. might be the next best thing since departures.

music videos are good again.

oh, and the actual music too. what a pair. charlotte, you are such a babe. this track is off her album IRM (MRI en francais) which was inspired by a recent brain hemorrhage that almost killed the daughter of the infamous couple that was Serge Gainsbourg and is Jane Birkin. if you’re not familiar with […]

gravity’s my enemy.

with MIA’s new album due this summer, i figured you’d want something to hold you through the winter. uk beat-king, rusko co-produced the track with the neon golden girl of electro hip-hip. turn off the lights and up the volume. this one is for the strung-out summer nights. let’s dream while we can, yeah?

escape artists only.

what i’m about: music. live shows. good bars. great people. sweet style. awesome lit. killer pics. what i promise: the best of all above. simple. fuck the rest. hello, my name is courtney-lee and it is very nice to meet you.