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Easter in Calgary


Introducing… Jill & Peter (& Blake)

Once and awhile I shoot couples too! But only if they’re as amazing and in love as Jill & Peter. Jill and I used to work together and we have the strangest connection now as our beau’s share the same surname. Here are a few photos we snapped up in the alleys of Little Korea […]

Canadian Music Fest 2012: extra shots.

All photos ©Courtney Lee Photography 2012 You can see the original photoset on Pink Mafia here                                                    

The Prodigal Return to Pacific Beach, California.

There are a few times in life when you genuinely feel like you have a second chance at life. A slate wiped as clean as you can get in this life of twists, turns, mistakes, and happenstance. California, San Diego to be exact, seems to have this magnetic quality that has drawn me throughout my […]

Ben Caplan & a casual afternoon in the city

All photos ©Courtney Lee Photography 2012 The following images not to be used without permission Special thank you to 416 Snack Bar & Audio Blood Media

The Best Job in the World

Life becomes more of a reality check with each passing year. We fall in love and fall out of touch. We question decisions past and worry about the ones to come. Where are we going becomes more important than where came from. In this time of the twenty-somethings and thirty-odds, we are constantly (and hopefully) […]

January 2012: Promise

It’s a little later in the month, but maybe I will have resolutions after all. Why has it become trite to set goals for ourselves? Why are we told the jobs we love are in too competitive of fields? These dreams are too hard to attain? We’re not only physically lazy, but ambitiously lazy. Maybe […]

An Americanadiana Holiday

Découvrez Vancouvrez

Once upon a time there lived a girl who lived in a beautiful cave of lights and exciting taverns where the people constantly bustled and hustled, became famous and infamous all in one breath, all in one tip of a hat, all in one patter of fingertips on keyboards until one day she realized that […]

Alright Alright

I had the great pleasure of shooting up-and-comers Alright Alright this past month. Despite the crap weather, these guys had a great energy that was super easy to capture. They were up for anything! Including a sneaky tour of OCAD and a dangerous ride on some dollies… Here are a few B&W shots from our […]