Cambie Design’s Alpaca Blankets

alpaca wool goes great with sunsets and lakes.

Recently I’ve been seeing a lot of Camille Byrne, the creative force behind Cambie Design.

Ever since taking her headshots last year, and too many scotch on the rocks to count (helps that mutual girlfriend is Kate Masewich – aka the Duchess of Written Word) … we’ve developed both a wonderful professional and personal relationship.

Cambie Design & Courtney Lee Photography is also coming together in the form of 250 sq.ft! Our office space in Parkdale, Toronto will soon be opening later this month. There’s lots to look forward to this autumn, and we can’t wait to share it with all of you.

For now, here’s sneak peek of our latest editorial photoshoot for Cambie Design’s imported Alpaca Wool blankets. Taken at the Byrne retreat in northern Ontario & her apartment in Toronto.

great with wooden docks.

great for getting that ‘cloak’ look.

great for naps.

great for leaning over railings and thinking about life.

great for adventures in the night

great for catching toads

great for packing light.

great for lounging.

great with Buckley’s.

great with colour.

To purchase a blanket, please contact Cambie Design directly:

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