a very belated NXNE photo-salad.

mr. ryan mclennan

This year for NXNE, Kate Masewich and I focused on a new segment we called Backseat Driving.

Just because we took portraits & interviews with some pretty awesome newcomers in music, it doesn’t mean we forgot about our old pals. Oh yeah, and let’s just forget that it took me three months to upload these, k?

wham bam thankya Jam

spencer maceachern – i had to google that. that’s a tough last name to spell buddy.

Ages & Stages afterparty

Kate Killet

London is Calling w/ Kate Snack (aka Juno buds)

The party starters. ElectriCITY’s Kevin Whelan, John Thomas Stevenson, Christina Nguyen.

The Fabulous Yawn & Pete Nema

THE Brendan McCarney

Ben Fox – Dinosaur Bones

Amanda Macchia

Branko Scekic

Lucas Fredette

Merrin & Katie

Liam Jaeger – The Balconies

Jacquie Neville – The Balconies

Jeff Pinto

#ABdoesNXNE rooftop Party – Adrienne Fraser

a Revelstoke embrace

Kelly Jeffrey teaching us bad kids a lesson

the ever-slick Aaron Harvey

guest of honor, Steve Mann – Philoceraptor

Rob Janson

Dan Reardon, Matt Meyer, wheelin’ & dealin’ SVC tapes

just some babes i found

Dine Alone Carni-Q

put ‘er there pardner xo – Kate Masewich

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