McCracken’s Tavern

There comes a time when you realize that vacation isn’t just an all-inclusive in Cuba, or time-off your day job… it’s so much more than that.

Escaping the everyday can happen more often if you make it a priority to make time for yourself.

It’s important to sit back and look at your life from a different perspective.

Whether it’s through the eyes of people you’ve just met, or from the view-point of a mountain you haven’t climbed yet, the true holiday lies in the laughter of your dearest friends, your most adored lovers, the best accompanying soundtracks, and the unlikeliest of locations.

our destination, Girls Camp rd.

the great dane that greeted us at the gas station…

pulling out some family heirloom gems.

Rob Kagan asking Ian “what colour?” during trivial pursuit… Ian’s answer.. ?

cottage life ain’t bad



what a coupl’a cuties!

such a welcoming door.

Paula “Pauly D” Morss

how many mccracken’s does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Ian just before Christian slingshots a waterballoon into his ribs… 4th of July/ Canada-day BBQ on the beach

The handsomest man of them all!

Louise’s jello shooters.

Welcoming the Altman’s

Sam & Nadine

Mount Owl’s Head.. beauitful to look at, fun to ski, and treacherous to climb in 29 degree heat…


the hike up Owl’s Head begins!

Almost there.


Couldn’t have had a better Canada long weekend. Thank you Rob & Louise.

All photography ©Courtney Lee Photography 2012


  1. Kristie · · Reply

    These are fabulous! You have an amazing talent!!!!

  2. Dakota Yip · · Reply

    court, these pictures are beautiful! especially on the boat when the sun is setting– they look amazing!

  3. AWESOME AWESOME pictures… i’m sad i couldn’t be there…

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