How the West was won

sometimes, the distractions we face in life are too great of a force to quiet,

and yet other times, an abundance of solitude can be a terrible stunt to creativity.

what then are we to do when the duty of everyday calls us to work,

the cries of our families calls us to aid,

and the comfort of our lovers calls us to bed?

when does the calling of your true purpose come into light,

and will you recognize its importance when it arrives?

this went on the market while i was there for 1.7 million. ugh.


this should have been my first clue. two weeks later the apartment was filled with attic friends…


saying farewell to Mr. Joel Plaskett after the ION interview.


the view from the Burrard Street bridge, smack in the middle of the city.


g’day Whistla


best bar seat in town. all you can eat tacos at Famous Warehouse


good ol’ eco-fashioned Vancouver grub




one of the best cabins on the planet.


one of the best games on the planet.


Ian ‘no fear’ McCracken


sunset dance party to all your favourite hits of the 90’s


overexposed, but this unbelievably cute scene probably didn’t want to be interrupted by my creeping.


Glam-ping, Albertan style.


mustard cheddar pickle baguette.. no thank you.





primal eating is so hot right now.


moroccan quinoa mint salad


what camping trip wouldn’t be complete without… a trip to the winery???


why didn’t this guy get kicked out?


“oh god, it’s like hipster sex and the city”


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  1. These are gorgeous and thrilling. You need to be freshly pressed.

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