Easter in Calgary

I thought I looked so cool in my new orange raincoat.... I've been called a pylon twice...

This highway is apparently dangerous....

Heading into Twilight territory to find Edward and Jacob.

Just kidding, it's just the Coquihalla.

The thoughtful driver.

The thoughtful bear.

Race ya!

Alberta, you're not bad looking...

Huge feet or wool socks?
Trick question... I don't have feet.
Trick trick question, I do, and it's a combination of all of the above.

There's gonna be a lot of photos of nature, so if that's not your bag... well, get outta here already.

Oh and of Chloe the puppy. So nature, and puppies. So actually, if you're not into either of those, don't only get outta here, you should probably unfriend me.

If you haven't noticed, the weather changes a lot here..

And almost always, there's something amazing to look at.

Case and point.

We finally arrive at Trevor and Jo's, only to find out Ian apparently is a dog whisperer. Who knew?

Time for some tourist-ing... Couples photoshoot to soon follow... yeesh..

A+ Student

A+ Simba impression.


Can a photo get any more Canadian?

Oh wait, there we go.

The fam ❤

The couch guys...

Can't take credit for this one ©Student of CLP....

Moonset 1

Moonset 2

"Courtney, you should start a burger blog..."
"Hmmmm... mmmm... probably not a great idea..."

But seriously, let's talk about these burgers in Black Diamond for a second here.... whoooaaa MAMMA! good little sandwich right there...

You can wash the burgers down with a 2lb candy cane!

Happy customers.


Big Rock.



Little Rock!


The road home was just as average...




  1. I just got extremely excited at the road sign photo… My last name is Clapperton! My life is officially complete.

  2. T-Bone · · Reply

    Wow Courtney! Awesome photos! Can you send me some to share with my peeps on facebook?

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