Canadian Music Fest 2012: extra shots.

All photos ©Courtney Lee Photography 2012
You can see the original photoset on Pink Mafia here

Revelstoke @ Rancho


The British Colombians @ The Garrison


Young Empires @ The Great Hall


Audio Blood Media's #ThirstyThursday rooftop party


Kevin Black (Hands & Teeth)


Creeping on Ben Caplan


Neon Windbreaker


Photog, Kieran Meyn


Pat McCormack


Where taquitos are born.


Anthony Menecola (The Archives)


Matt Meyer (Sandman Viper Command)


Rob Janson (Sandman Viper Command)


Branko Scekic (Dinosaur Bones)


Lucas Fredette (Dinosaur Bones)


Apache Relay


Apache Relay


This is posted on PM too, but I had to repost. Best band of the fest.


Leah Fay (July Talk) so fun to photograph.


Bar star Alain at the Musi Day Party: Sazerac Lounge on King West

The Pack A.D. at the Indie Awards, Royal York Fairmont

Jane's Party


The Sheepdogs #winning


The Pack A.D.


PinkMafia and crew had a pretty good post.

Treble Charger hall of fame inductees.


The Sheepdogs & The Reason head bangin' to the sound of shutters clicking


Rich Aucoin




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