The Prodigal Return to Pacific Beach, California.

There are a few times in life when you genuinely feel like you have a second chance at life. A slate wiped as clean as you can get in this life of twists, turns, mistakes, and happenstance. California, San Diego to be exact, seems to have this magnetic quality that has drawn me throughout my time living north of the border. Hopefully these photos will prove why.

It’s an interesting awareness you achieve when two people in a partnership merge paths from two very different pasts,  especially when the backstory isn’t all fairy-tale endings and love poems.
At the end of the day you have to look past where you’ve come from and learn to accept the amazing components that have carried through life timelessly. Embrace the steps where you faltered, and pick up again fresh.

There was a moment on this trip where I almost fell off the side of a small cliff. In retrospect it doesn’t seem as big of a deal than it really was, but it couldn’t have been a better metaphor for what we go through during tough times. In the face of fear and the certain death or end to something, we always have two choices. Give in, and let your body slip into the abyss of failure, or dig those nails deep into the side of that mountain and pull yourself up.

Remind yourself that when all else fails, gravity usually falls in favour of the foot that steps forward.

all photography ©Courtney Lee Photography 2012

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