The Best Job in the World

Life becomes more of a reality check with each passing year. We fall in love and fall out of touch. We question decisions past and worry about the ones to come. Where are we going becomes more important than where came from. In this time of the twenty-somethings and thirty-odds, we are constantly (and hopefully) on an uphill battle towards our goals.

The philosophy of building a career is something I could talk about for ages. The ideas that come from my friends about life as an artist or life as a business or life in a suit or life in limbo life lifelifelife.etc.etc…. always surprises me. Women I always thought to be hard-headed entrepreneurs in the making, divulge how much they can’t wait to settle down and decorate their homes and future children. Men also confide the same intentions, in a different description of course. Still, the same emotions always rise, regardless of gender.

These times are ‘the-make-it-or-break-it’ ‘s. The ‘travel-now-or-you’ll-regret-it-later’ ‘s. It’s when the fear of failure isn’t years away but in the shadow of tomorrow.

I hope that for whatever path it is that you are choosing, dear reader, that it is one that makes you feel, at least once a week (let’s not get greedy, every job is stressful at the end of the day), but yes, at least once a week, you say:

I Have The Best Job In The World.


The Balconies interview. Hyatt Rooftop NXNE 2011

Cults interview 2011. Gladstone Hotel, moments before a pissed off guest emerges from his room to tell us to leave.

DFA1979 at the Sound Academy.

Edgfest 2011 at Downsview Park. The day of getting tattoos on a whim and needing a special pass to LEAVE backstage...what?

Dirty Beaches performs during NXNE 2011 and I felt alone in my obsession.

Hands and Teeth's spends a magical evening in the Beaches with me.

One of my favourites from a photoshoot with Alright Alright.

That time I got to camp on a mountain in BC with my best friends deserves a book rather than a caption. Tall Tree Music Festival, 2011.


Deadmau5 announces the Juno nominees for 2012.


Now that festival season is about to begin, and an adventure to California and Vancouver is also in the works, I can’t wait to see what else music in North America has to offer. I can only hope that these parts are as hospitable as Toronto has been to me. Without PinkMafia (Thank you Anna), BlogTO (Thank you Tim, Brigitte), The Take Media, (Thank you Genny), Sticky Magazine (Thank you Pete), Audio Blood Media (Thank you Sari), and the one that started it all, Bring Back the Boom Box (Thank you Diego, Kieran). I felt I had to really say thank you to everyone who really helped be able to say: I Really Do Have The Best Job In The World.


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  1. I really agree. May every job we quit, every stepping stone we take, and every deadline we miss encourage us only to LOVE what we do!! *insert clanking beer bottle cheers here* I Really Do Have The Best Job In The World.

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