January 2012: Promise

It’s a little later in the month, but maybe I will have resolutions after all. Why has it become trite to set goals for ourselves? Why are we told the jobs we love are in too competitive of fields? These dreams are too hard to attain? We’re not only physically lazy, but ambitiously lazy. Maybe we’re simply uneducated in this future we’ve our parents created for ourselves.

I look around me some days and all I see is greed, jealousy, boredom. I’m no pessimist by any means, and I do often see love and compassion, but those too are often shrouded in vanity. We’re living in a nation where the biggest past time has shifted from sports, to recreational hobbies, to creating online versions of ourselves and documenting our ‘best angles’ on facebook and twitter. We’ve edited our personalities down so much I can’t help but wonder what’s been left on the cutting room floor.

I raise a glass to myself, my online self, my professional self, the self you meet at bars, and the one you hang out with in the park. I make myself a promise, and a resolution. I can only hope to surround myself this year in the positive yet productive energy of others. I want to learn the act of patience all over again and master the crafts that define me. I want to instill vivaciousness in my everyday, not slothfulness (it’s a word, really), never boredom  and stillness only when needed.


Now it’s your turn.

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