Découvrez Vancouvrez

Once upon a time there lived a girl who lived in a beautiful cave of lights and exciting taverns where the people constantly bustled and hustled, became famous and infamous all in one breath, all in one tip of a hat, all in one patter of fingertips on keyboards until one day she realized that when she knocked on a westward cave wall it made an echo, for it was hollow so she swallowed and punched and kicked until it broke down and suddenly there was light, real light, unlike anything she had seen before and it beckoned her our of her beautiful cave of comfort and she stepped into an open field of …

Somewhere over Manitoba and some place in the middle of Friends With Benefits

Ian & Kayla's sweet pad

I swear I found this like that

Oh hey mountains just chillin' over there, you look nice.

Mason jars > pint glasses > mugs

A pretty superior salad.

If you haven't had, find now, and eat.

this man was the friendly mascot gracing the Old Dutch Cafe menus.. loving the winter jacket and pedo-grin.

A little back seat band shoot

Salut a L'Atelier

Ms. Kayla Goffe

Best dinner ever?

sea urchins do not look delicious

even the lobsterman tweets

Jon Lee being hilarious and probably knowing it.

Salmon chowder can actually taste amazing

Food instilling wonder

Cara's first encounter with iPhone maps

Looking at Vancouver from North Van

'til next time xo


One comment

  1. those words are kind of amazing… one of the most beautiful things i’ve ever read!

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