New Yawk. Pawt One.

I knew today was going to start off right...

I think I took about 100,000 photos over the weekend in New York. I can probably attribute that to the fact that this was one of the first times in a long time that I hit a new city completely solo. It was a strange feeling having that plane land at JFK, Friday morning. Only a measly 1 1/2 hours from home, and I’ve never been such a nervous wreck. Here I thought myself a true world traveler, and I’m freaking out about a little weekend away from the comfort of my neighbourhood.

Once in Brooklyn, The Five Leaves coffee shop was the first place that caught my eye. Actually, it was more of a “the first place I see that sells coffee, I’m crashing,” situation. Sitting at my little table pour un, I felt strange and comforted at the same time, and it wasn’t just the caffeine. Any of these good-looking, hip young patrons could have been freshly plucked from the Trinity Bellwoods catalog except I didn’t know a single soul. The barista here isn’t Anne, and she doesn’t get started on my double shot the moment she spots me from across the street. No, here I am a complete stranger, only my luggage as my date, staring blankly back at me wondering why I brought him all the way here in the first place.

I ramble. I guess if there’s a reason for everything, then here are my reasons. Part 1 of 2.

NYC/ Williamsburg/ Greenpoint Day One

#1 crush, circa 1999

a little bit embarassed of this one..

Marcia, the lovliest of hosts.

My tour guide for the first day, Mr. Sam Campbell


split horizons.

the happiest moment ever to have happened in life, ever.

Toronto friendos are the best comfort.. Kelly J.

and OE is the best thing to toast that to..

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  1. charles · · Reply

    great shot of tooling and access
    ories, of course, i would love that one.

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