26 hours in Havana

An old friend, two strangers and myself went to Havana for 26 hours a couple weekends ago.

This is what we saw:

Room with a view.

What a Greengo!

Our Hotel, Gran Sevilla

Lifes a beach.

Just another tourist taking photos of garbage cans.

Ok, so I touched these up a little bit...

Heading to... Florida?

hermanos y hermanas

Arik, taking it all in. We did only have about an hour and a half before our plane left...

Felt a little creepy taking this. But hey, Im getting used to it.

I grew a beard!

So, we should probably take photos of eachother posing infront of the ocean. I mean, what else do you do right?

This had bad idea written all over it.

We fell a lot before this finally happened.

Lina 🙂

Hiding boxes of cigars in your pants isnt easy.


Sneaking into a hotel.. is easy.

Being serenaded.

She caught me.

Other hotel pools are always better than your own.

Imagine that was our patio on Gore Vale?

Best time of day, anywhere in the world, is early evening.

Room 604

The Al Capone Suite.

Airports are the best.


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