juno mania extras!

This past Juno weekend was certainly an incredible experience for Katherine and I.

We not only had the chance to see some incredible acts during JunoFest, but we also had a behind the scenes look into how the big-time journalists and photographers spend their weekends. A humbling and amazing moment for us to say the least.

There are so many moments that weren’t even captured on camera that will go down in my mind forever, but those of you who know us, know that we probably won’t stop talking about it for years to come. Apologies in advance.

Enjoy lovers,


Kate-Lynn Masewich keeps warm while keeping us company.

Fellow friends we always seem to bump into! So good!

Care Failure with the Beauties killing Neil Young's Southern Man

Derek Miller, blew us away

Branko, K, you guys know who I was really trying to capture...

For some reason, I forgot how to use my camera when I walked over to Hollerado's table at Fan Fare

Toyota + T-Rex

Down With Webster table


Shad opens the Non-Broadcast Juno Gala Awards

...and then wins for best rap recording!

Elaine Lil’Bit Shepherd, Best Reggae Record of the year

Johnny Reid

One day, I want to be here, Robyn Kotyk, best Record Packaging, Broken Social Scene: Forgiveness Rock Record

Jenkin Au works on his mag-baby: justalilhype.com

Best new group: Said the Whale, we love these guys


Jenkin helps me prep for the Juno Awards backstage

"dead mao five" ... "you mean deadmouse"?

trying to squeeze myself in with these guys. apparently you don't want to stand in the National Posts' "spot"

Shania Twain

Somewhere down the crazy river... Sing it Robbie (Robertson) !

how stunning is Meaghan Smith?

oh, hey K'naan!

Arcade Fire, #winning

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