CMF Preview 2011!

Canadian Music Fest through the eyeballs of a Pink Mafia Writer + Photographer

Last year at CMW 2010, Luke LaLonde of Born Ruffians.

If there’s one thing I hate above all facebook applications, it’s the “where are you now?” feature. Not only do we share everything about our personal and professional lives, but we literally have to mark on a map showing all of our “friends” exactly where our current location in the city is.

Well, fuck it, I’m going to wave that annoyance today, and for good reason, Canadian Music Week, 2011. Over the next few days (Wednesday through Sunday) a flurry of bands and talent are hitting various venues around the city to showcase their music. It’s more like the wintry version of NXNE, with a lot more loopholes to jump through – especially for media – but a reminder of the music-filled spring to come, no less.

Here’s a brief overview of the venues and shows I hope to attend in the coming days, representing Pink Mafia. I hope to see all of you out there! Bring your rainboots and maybe a red bull or two!

CMW 2010, Breakscience at The Mod Club

Wednesday March 9th

I don’t know how I’m going to swing this, but I hope to see Mother Mother and MURS all in one evening. Pretty impossible since the two acts are on at the same time, on opposite ends of the city, but hey, crazier feats have been accomplished before.

If anything, my partner in crime, Kay of Pink Mafia will be at MURS, while KateLynn Masewich and I will hold down the fort at Mother Mother, and hope to reconnect later in the night at a random venue to see some new acts we’ve never seen before. Suggestions welcome!

Thursday March 10th

Sandman Viper Command

This night is shaping up to be my most anticipated so far. You have the Audioblood Showcase at Sneaky Dee‘s (Charlotte Cornfield, Brett Caswell, Huron, Teenage Kicks, Sandman Viper Command, Hands and Teeth, The Golden Isles… phew… I’ve even heard a full-blown -hah- horn section might make an appearance at this event, but you’ll have to come to find out who for!)

Charlotte Cornfield

Ok then at the same time, The Windish Showcase at The Great Hall, (Yukon Blonde, Memory House, Young Empires, and Prussia)

And finally the Untold City Showcase at the Silver Dollar, (The Russian Futurists, The Darcys, Silly Kissers, Heartbeat Hotel, Topanga, Grounders, and The Beekeepers Society…)

The Darcy's 7" release, 2010

Crap, forget Wednesday, looks like Thursday is going to take some serious effort.

Friday March 11th

Another jam packed night. This time around I hope to hit Middle Brother (members of Deertick, Dawes and Delta Spirit!) at the Opera House, J Mascis and Kurt Vile at The Great Hall, and end the night off at Sneak’s for Musebox‘s showcase (Make your Exit, The Meligrove Band, Paper Lions, Allie Hughes, Bravestation, Christien Summers and Nash)

Allie Hughes Busking for Change, 2010

Saturday March 12th

I think I might be slowly dying by now, so Pink Mafia hopes to relax at the Daylight Riot presented by Musebox. A daytime show with Dinosaur Bones, Zoobombs, Diemonds and The Russian Futurists. A quick jump to interview Shad somewhere in there.. and then, time for the Indie Awards at the Royal York Hotel! Yes, this actually seems like my easiest day, believe it or not…

Ben Fox of Dinosaur Bones

Sunday March 13th

Oh my god! And on the fifth day I created the last stop for my diminishing immune system. We’re going to go out with a bang and seeing Bathurst at Parts and Labour and finally Modernboys Moderngirls at Hard Luck Bar. There you can find me slowly falling asleep at the bar a mangled camera in one hand, and a half empty full glass of whiskey in the other.

Brett Millius of Modernboys Moderngirls

Hope to see all of you out there!




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