The incredibly talented Carliegh Aikins


Last Saturday night was definitely a rollercoaster ride. Here you have the final installment of the Horsehoe’s presentation of the Juno Decades (2000’s) with a roster that included some of the best of kind-of-current Canadian talent.

I started the night off with a beer in my living room, hesitant to leave the comfort of my home, staring at the shitty weather, counting each second until I had to heel-toe-it to 368 Queen Street West.

I walked in from pouring rain and walked out to a snowstorm. I still can’t count all the impressive covers and names that occupied the space between above and below 0 degrees, but I definitely was loving every second of Ian Blurton’s Fuck The Pain Away, originally and unforgettably by Peaches. Oh yeah, and it certainly didn’t hurt that Flash Lightnin’ and Sebastien Granger were members of his one-night-only supergroup.

Here I wanted to share the leftover photos I took that evening. Some that made it for Kate’s review on PinkMafia, and some that didn’t.

Moments before he dipped his tshirt awkwardly ontop of my head..

Elliott Brood, you are Jason Lee

My favourite cover of the night.
Dave Hamelin of the Stills killing Sam Roberts’ Hard Road
Royal Wood, who “seems to get a haircut every 45 minutes”
Broken Social Scene’s Kevin Drew and Brendan Canning share a moment
Zeus’ Neil Quin doing Joel Plaskett
Hey, girl behind me, thanks for letting me know, YOU LOVE HIS PINK HAT!
Brett Caswell going for it
The ever handsome Darcy Yates
Sebastien Grainger shirt on.
S.G. shirt off. Had to.
Billy Talent’s Ian D’Sa doing.. Billy Talent
The always friendly k-os moments before showering us in beer.
Sweat and dust, absolutely everywhere.

And before I sign-off one pearl of wisdom to share with those of you whose attention I still have: If you’re worried about an afterparty being a bit awkward because you don’t know anyone (and most of them being in the above photos), follow your instinct, it probably will be.


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