mid stage with Midlake.

Modern Day Medieval Rock

Midlake @ The Mod Club, May 21st, 2010

You know when you’re looking at a gorgeous building that’s taller than life, carved with intricate detail, and layered with steel, glass and wood – somehow harmonious in it’s final state? Standing in front of this thing, you ask yourself, “how the hell did all these components in engineering, art and design come together to make one incredible structure?”

Well now imagine this feeling has been translated into a musical energy and instead of just a visual spectacle, this is a beautiful sight to see and hear inside and out.  Hailing from Denton, Texas, seven piece band Midlake evoked the same feeling for me at the Mod Club last Friday May 21st. Replace wood, steel and glass with pitch-perfect harmonies, four decadent guitar parts, a few flutes, an enigmatic bass player, one nutty drummer and you’ve got yourself the multi-faceted group that  I’ve never been in such awe of since I stood at the base of Casa Batlo in Barcelona.

Ole, baby.

Check out my full photo set, and more from the best in Toronto’s Music Scene @ BringBackTheBoomBox(dot)com.

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