cmw = crazy muthaf*kin weekend.

oh i wish i wish i was a rich bitch. seriously, if i had unlimited funds not only would i travel forever, but i could see all the live music i want and drink all the labatt 50 (ok maybe i’d move up to creemore) i wanted, without having to cater to those very women i want to be, by squeezing them into luxury swimwear all day.

either way, this is where i am and i’m still happy as shit to be in toronto during this amazing week of musical talent.

CMW – Wednesday Night – Zeus, Jason Collett, Bahamas

I’ve known and loved Jason Collett for a long time, but I somehow let Zeus and Bahamas slip through the cracks of my musical hunting and gathering. Their Wednesday night performance at Lee’s Palace however changed that forever. You know the feeling when you stumble across that incredible bar that from the moment you walk in it feels like a cozier, cooler version of your home, all your old friends are there, your ipod seems to have been stolen and plugged into the soundsystem AND they have your favourite beer on tap? I don’t know how it relates exactly, but that’s how I felt coming away from their show.

Mike O’Brien of Zeus

BSS Alum, Jason Collett

Afie Jurvanen of Bahamas

The Ultimate Collabo!

My friends tell me the three acts played until just shy of 1am, but I had to run out during intermission to catch Brooklyn thrash-pop group Vivian Girls. The lo-fi, high-energy trio were just jumping on stage when I arrived. What a change from the living room session of Collett & co. to the angsty too-hot-to-trot crowd of Wrongbar. I went from rubbing shoulders with Brendan Canning and blushing to ducking a mouthful of Jameson spit out by Vivian Girls’ frontwoman Cassie Ramone.

Cassie Ramone and her Girls

Drunk fan absolutely losing his shit. It was fun the first time, got boring when he came back for an encore later.

Kickball Katy Goodman backs him up

Vivian Girls!

I’ll be back soon with coverage of RJd2 and the AudioBlood Showcase from Thursday night! Clive Owen, you said it best: I’ll sleep when I’m dead!

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